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Customer Service & Quality Control

Industrial Roofing and Construction understands that no business can survive without customers. Therefore, we are committed to establishing a team oriented, collaborative relationship with our clients, based on our belief that we are on the same team and want to jointly meet established finished product goals and standards.

We are committed to being extremely responsive and strive to get all aspects of the job done on a proactive, organized and professional basis. As a result of our customer service philosophy, our clients enjoy high levels of project satisfaction at all phases, specifically quality, pricing and on-time performance.

In terms of quality control, an essential and underlying objective of all of IRC employees’ job functions is to constantly improve the quality and image of the our company. Through a detailed scheduling process and job scope analysis of every project, our team works hard to exceed the quality, pricing and the time requirements of our clients.

We also are honored to have the support and partnership of the most prominent roofing system manufacturers in the country. These relationships allow IRC to be at the forefront of technology offerings as it relates to the roofing industry.


Licensed in 9 States

  • Alabama

  • Arkansas

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Louisiana

  • Mississippi

  • Missouri

  • Oklahoma

  • Texas